Solar Carports

Step into the future and save on electricity. #ThinkGreen

Why Solar Carports?

Save money on electricity

With solar carports you produce your own electricity and save on the energy consumption you pay for.

Environmental protection

Solar energy is the most widespread energy resource on earth and does not produce pollution during electricity production.

Modern design

With our solar carports your parking lot will look modern and functional.

WHAT are solar carports

To simply put it, a solar carport is a system of solar
canopies which covers parking lot areas for commercial and industrial use and offers independent production of electric energy.

from sun, rain, snow and hail

Made for all weather conditions, solar carports will protect your car at all costs.
In addition, with a 10-year construction warranty,you can be even more confident about your investment.

ADDED VALUE with additional customization

Illumination, cameras, branding, digitalization, you name it. Solar carports are a new asset that adds value to the property.

that counts in every day life

Solar carports are designed to offer the possibility of opening the trunk and rear doors comfortably.

MODULARITY that gives you endless possibilities

Solar carports function like puzzles – you can assemble them to fit your needs, startng with a minimum of two and adapting it over time.


With a modern carports design, your parking lot looks great up close or from the street, complementing the architecture of your facility.

WHY should companies invest in solar carports?



Think about what is the source of your electric cars’ power. To be green actually means having the energy resource which does not produce pollution during electricity production. Solar energy is the most widespread energy resource on earth with that benefit. And solar carports are the most accessible, practical, and quickest way to implement solar energy usage in your company.


Installing a modern-looking solar carport system not only looks exceptional but displays an evident commitment to sustainability, positive contribution to the community, and genuine concern for the environment, all while generating power that will make or save money.


With solar carports, you produce your own electricity and save on the energy consumption you pay for. As a result, you will pay off the initial investment in only ten years, and after that period, your energy source will be self-sufficient.




HOW we do it?



Creating and installing solar carports is one of our primary expertise. We use your existing parking space and turn it into a modern self-sufficient solar system that produces energy for your building and electric cars.



You can see video here

Types of solar carports
TYPE 500

  • Model 500 Solar Carports contains 5 solar panels in one row.
  • hot-dipped construction
  • Eight parking spaces – solar power plant with installed power of ~ 20kWp
  • Minimum dimensions of the parking lot 5 x 2.5 m
  • For vehicles up to 2.5 m high

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Types of solar carports
TYPE 600

This type of solar carports have pillars placed behind the parking lot with a lower structure and a longer canopy with solar panels.

  • hot-dipped construction
  • Eight parking spaces – solar power plant with installed power of ~ 24kWp
  • Minimum dimensions of the parking lot 5 x 2.5 m
  • For vehicles up to 1.8 m high

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But what is powering your electric cars is not. See how you can show your company’s integrity and conclude the green circle by powering electric cars and your building with renewable solar energy.



With our exclusive app, you can track energy production in real-time. Controlling and monitoring the system from any location has never been easier.



☀️When the sun shines onto a solar panel, energy from the sunlight is absorbed by the PV cells in the panel. This energy creates electrical charges that move in response to an internal electrical field in the cell, causing electricity to flow. Inverters are used to convert the direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar photovoltaic modules into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is used for local transmission of electricity, as well as most appliances in our homes.

✅ Advanced or “smart” inverters allow two-way communication between the inverter and the mains.This helps balance supply and demand either automatically or via remote communications with distribution network operators. This allows you to reduce costs, maintain network stability and reduce the likelihood of power outages.



➡️We offer you a solution to turn the natural resource of solar energy and your parking space into a new profit center and achieve a return on investment in 6 to 8 years.


✅By setting the solar carport with the solar panels on your existing parking space you will provide usable green energy that could be ceded or even used to charge electric cars.
In addition to these benefits – by building a solar power plant in your parking space, you have provided full sustainability green-oriented investment in renewable energy sources.

Green & Circular Economy

We care about sustainability!

The materials suggested for our projects are Metal and Recyclable.

PROPULZIJA strives to follow the circular economy model.

In company We have sorting and storing recycling materials for:

Metal, 100%
Aluminum, 100%
Nylon, 100%
Carton and Paper, 90%
All our materials are Non Toxic and Recyclable.

For a Green Environment and Sustainability:
PROPULZIJA recycles ALL left over materials on a “buy back” basis from our suppliers.


Our models of Solar Carports belong to the range of products that use solar energy as a resource, and to that end, PROPULZIJA is a participant and sponsor of numerous conferences and fairs where renewable energy sources and their importance are promoted. Certainly, in addition to promoting our product at these events, we realized the importance and obligation to learn and transfer information from this field.

The PROPULZIJA company took part in several different panels and conferences that have renewable energy sources as a topic, as a participant and as a sponsor in the desire to show our contribution in this area with our product Solar Car Canopy.

  • RES Conference 2022 – partner and sponsor
  • ECO Car Show 2022 – participant
  • RES Conference 2021 – partner and sponsor
  • EXPO Dubai 2021-2022 – participant

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