Full Service

Imagine having everything taken care of under one roof!

Our 7200m2 Design & Production facility is equipped to deliver superior visual, functional and technical innovations.

Our top priorities in production are health, safety, environmental and social responsibility, so our processes include seven standards and the KAIZEN methodology. We provide a complete service: research, design, development, prototyping, production, testing, transportation, installation and maintenance.

The materials we use and combine are: metal, wood, glass, acrylic, medium-density fiberboard, alubond, polyurethane, paper, leather… and more. When we add lighting, fragrances and high-tech accessories – ultimate satisfaction is guaranteed!

Learn how we can turn your ideas into great campaigns that sell.

Graphic & Industrial Design

Let’s start with a vision!

As our Partner, you will love this part the most!

We take all our passions and ideas, brainstorm and combine, and work closely together to develop a custom solution that will ultimately boost your sales!

Our in-house Design studio has 7 graphic and industrial designers specializing in POP marketing.

The specific requirements of each campaign and sales venue highlight the expertise of our Design Team.

All the necessary criteria must be met: amazing design, functionality, durability, quality, and speed, combined with the latest technology.

For added unforgettable effects, we organize and connect unexpected structures and materials.

Research & Development

A reliable, functional, innovative POS installation has to be technically feasible.

This is where our world-class Engineers and Designers gather to examine every detail of the design, push the boundaries and make your vision come true.

We work closely with the Client, create a prototype, finally implement our vision into practice and begin production.

Metal Sheet Processing

Typically steel or aluminum — metal sheets play an important role in the production of our POS systems. When creating our POS solutions, we aim for precision, efficiency, and quality.

Each item in a series must be identical, so we use the following automated metal sheet forming processes:

  • Curling – achieving smooth edges.
  • Bending – forming into the desired shape.
  • Ironing – achieving the uniform thickness.
  • Punching – creating holes using a punch and molds.
  • Laser Cutting – precise automated cutting using a high-powered laser.

Welding Process

For the welding process, we hire a robot! We use high-frequency induction welding to weld two or more objects by mixing their surfaces. This process leads to superior quality and a significant reduction of time.

The advantages of induction welding are:

  • High efficiency as the automation speeds up the process
  • Less energy consumed
  • Supports a variety of materials – from iron and steel to plastics and composites. If the material is non-magnetic, like plastic, it is usually infused with ferrous ingredients, allowing the plastic to absorb the electromagnetic energy produced by the robot.
  • Removes impurities – two objects are pressed together and impurities are squeezed out of them.

Powder Coating

Powder coating of the metal surface is not only about the perfect coloring. It’s the best, eco-friendly surface protection against corrosion.

To meet the product protection requirements for both indoor and outdoor placements, we have introduced an automatic powder coating line with integrated material preparation.

The colored powder is applied by electrostatic procedure and then heated to the polymerization temperature.

Powder coating:

  • is more economical than other protection processes,
  • significantly reduces production time and
  • meets the strict EU standards of environmental protection.

Wood Processing

In creating and manufacturing our premium POS solutions, we often use wood and wood panels, for those Clients who want to highlight some features of their products through the warmth and rusticity of natural materials.

We not only select the top quality wood raw materials but also process them in the finest way. After the wood is processed, we perform cutting, engraving, printing, and other fine processing.

Plastic Processing

Plastic processing is converting the plastics raw ingredients into semi-finished and finished products. These bulk plastics come in the form of resin, pellets, granules, powders, sheets, preforms or fluids, and are converted into desired forms and shapes.

There are many plastic molding and forming procedures.

We mostly take semi-finished products like plastic panels and then we use automated steps to cut, bend, engrave and fine finish.

We combine plastic with attractive lighting to create illuminated 3D lettering, signs, and advertisements.

Digital Printing

For superior waterproof printing on different surfaces, we use Latex printers.

Latex printers use non-flammable water-based inks, and the finished prints are waterproof, water-fast, durable, long-lasting and eco-friendly.

This type of printing gives us great prints, used in a wide range of applications and materials, such as soft lettering, paper, wallpapers, vehicle graphics, wood, various types of panels, banners and uncoated vinyl.

We have automated material cutting for better productivity, speed and the highest level of quality.

Multimedia & Electronics

Our POP solutions often involve installing various types of devices and IT components that activate all of our senses through video, sound, fragrances, call to touch and taste.

We also install devices that we can remotely control, like in banks where marketing messages change multiple times a day, depending on the dominant audience that visits a bank branch during a given period of the day.

Branding & Packaging

The POSM solution is not complete without branding. We run individual product branding as well as serial digital branding, which sometimes exceeds hundreds of pieces in a very short time.

A few years ago, we introduced internal packaging into our facility to provide additional quality control of the product.

A well-packed product is ready for safe transportation with a mandatory declaration.

Transport, Delivery & Installation

We ensure that our products are delivered on time and in perfect condition. We use our specialized vehicles or arrange deliveries all over Serbia, and we often arrange export and transport of your POS solutions to any desired location worldwide.

As we produce a number of large, impressive POP settings, it is often necessary to perform an on-site product installation. Our Assembly Team will install your POS or shop-in-shop solution, no matter how unusual or demanding the location is!