Regardless of the point-of-purchase restrictions and seasonal demands, we will be guided by your needs, and create a range of attractive, innovative POS solutions and systems to effectively highlight your products.

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We are certified by: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, FSC standards

Safety Standards

Following health and safety standards to provide safe working environment

Social Contribution

Through donations, we financially contribute to individuals and organizations in need.

Pharma POP and POS Displays

Exhibit space in a pharmacy is usually small and cramped and does not have standard shelf parameters as in ordinary stores. 

Since video, sound, strong lighting, effects and fragrances are not appropriate marketing elements, our challenge is to adapt and take the opportunity to stand out to capture the customers’ attention.

We rely on a highly visible, clean, clear, attractive design: we create tailor-made POP stands and displays where the shape, color, and other elements will create a connection with the product, the brand, health, and self-care.

We create a POP stand to be so prominent that it is gladly placed as the piece of art at the pharmacy’s main counter.

Pharma POP and POS Displays

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