Type 500

Generating renewable energy Solar carports with spacing for roof suitcase generate green electricity from sunlight

8 Benefits

Type 500

Solar carports solutions for all types of parking lots includes single, two-sided carport configurations. The main advantage of the Type 500 solution is that you can open  trunk of your car under the canopy without hitting it, as well as you can park car with an additional roof box under it.

Solar carport for higher vhiecles

With a larger size than typically for standard  carports, our model Type 500 is created for larger vehicles, like pickup trucks and van which can be easily parked under the canopy.

This is a perfect solution for retali parking lots where consumers can easily park their vans and open their trunk.

One sided solar carports

The perfect solution for parking lots that have only one side for parking.
Excellent use of space that gives added value and retturn of investment for your company.

Two sided solar carports

For larger parking lots that can use their space in a quality way.
In addition to protection from rain and sun, with the addition of electric car chargers, this type of canopy is an ideal solution.

Two sided solar carports with passage

Large store parking lots for retail shops, where their customers use food carts are an ideal place for this type of canopy.
Customers can easily reach their cars using the path between the canopies.

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