To gain the attention of consumers in an extremely dynamic and innovative FMCG marketing field, a clear understanding of the latest point of sale trends is essential.

We look ahead and often set these trends.

10/10 on every aspect. From designing, implementing and delivery of the final product. High quality materials, excellent communication and creative solutions to each tailor-made request.

Eleni Toulekki, Brand Manager C.A. Papaellinas Group, Cyprus

It is important for us to have a business partner with broad market knowledge, creativity and professionalism. PROPULZIJA has these characteristics and truly understands our needs. As a satisfied customer, we hope that our fruitful cooperation will continue in the coming years!

Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus Trade Marketing Team


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We are certified by: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, FSC standards

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Following health and safety standards to provide safe working environment

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Through donations, we financially contribute to individuals and organizations in need.

FMCG is the fastest-changing, most innovative and creative industry in POS marketing and retail presentation.

Most of our clients come from the FMCG industry, where everyone longs for impressive new solutions on a monthly basis.

We use every retail position, no matter how big or small, as a great opportunity to highlight your brand and entice consumers to act quickly!

We are passionate about discovering new opportunities and creating diverse, innovative high impact POS solutions.

We keep up with the latest innovations and trends, incorporating digital technologies into our state-of-the-art design.

Whether your needs are to display a marketing-media content or to interact with your costumers by using high-quality monitors, projectors sensors and other interactive elements you will have the best tools to do so.

How refreshing!
Somersby is not just a drink, it is something much more.
It is a guide to the brighter side of life, fun for fake news, and the most important thing, quality time with colleagues and friends.
Best shared with friends and PROPULZIJA shared this POS solution with Carlsberg and Somersby.

Conventional market efforts aim to capture a consumer’s attention, inform them of a product and convert that interest into a purchase. Point of sale (POS) and point of purchase (POP), however, are slightly different marketing tactics.

POS and POP attempt to market to shoppers who are ready to make a purchase and provide a last-minute way for retailers and brands to influence the decision they make.

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