Tailor Made Production

One of the three main sectors of PROPULZIJA is service production. Many years of production experience, automated and serial processes make us a competitive partner with whom you can achieve your goal. We produce products that are needed for your business. The production is shaped carefully to meet your specific needs, offering the best products that are tailored just for you and your clients.


Certified Company

We are certified by: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, FSC standards

Safety Standards

Following health and safety standards to provide safe working environment

Social Contribution

Through donations, we financially contribute to individuals and organizations in need.

Parcels lockers


WHAT are parcels lockers?


Parcel Lockers are automated electronic locker systems, designed to be simple to use.That provide convenient, safe, contact-free package delivery.

Parcel lockers make sure your mail and packages gets where it needs to go, even if you’re not there to sign for it.

WHY should companies invest in parcel lockers?


  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Secure Storage
  • Self-Service
  • Long-term solution


Investment in parcel lockers can reduce costs in the logistics chain, increase delivery efficiency and decrease the last-km related emissions on the delivery company side.

HOW we do it?

We are providing a complete solution for paracel lockers with our four major sectors. From Project Management via Design and Engineering to Productions and finally finished product. Short production process, fast delivery and easy installation are our aspirations in every business.


Exterior design


The company PROPULZIJA can produce imagined exteriors for various types of buildings at the client’s request, and we can also design, project, produce and install a complete solution for you.


Alubond Facades
LED screens built into the exterior
LED illuminated signs
3D signs


The design of the exterior, in addition to saying a lot about the associated activity, also reflects the way we present ourselves to potential clients and partners.



Enhance your space, combining security and style in a range of materials, designs, and shapes.

Incorporating foil into a metal fence can enhance its functionality and aesthetic appeal, providing additional benefits such as improved reflectivity and potentially increased privacy or security, depending on the design and application.

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