Type 600

Generating renewable energy Solar carports with more parking space generate green electricity from sunlight

8 Benefits

Type 600

With longer canopsis there is more space for additional solar panels where you get more renuable energy from sun. In this solution pillars are behind parking space, where you got more parking space.

Type 600 solution includes single and two-sided carport configurations for vehicles up to 1.8 m high. Construction can be in three colors – black, anthracite grey and light gray.

One sided solar carports

With this one sided solar carports, no additional space is needed, instead an already existing space can be utilized to maximize efficiency and increase comfort for employees, customers, and visitors.

A carport can protect vehicles from sun to prevent overheating, and it protect vehicles from rain and snow.

Two sided solar carports

Minimizing energy expenses, resulting in significant savings this two-sided solar carport is perfect solution for bigger parking lots.

By providing shade to prevent cars from overheating in the sun, solar carports can actually improve the car owner’s fuel economyand lovers cost for eletricity.

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