14th December 2020.

How 2020 Will Change The Way You Approach Retail

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Like the rest of the world, in 2020, the retail sector finds itself in uncharted territory, with a substantial impact on its immediate and long-term future.
Above all, we see trends that show that the brand’s agility and the capability to be enduringly relevant to its customers are crucial to success. How and what we buy is continuously reshaping the industry, for good or for bad.

While research suggests that the FMCG industry is one of the few sectors that has been able to grow during the crisis (according to Reply, compared to March 2019, interest in these goods increased by 53% in March 2020, especially in the countries most affected by the crisis), it’s left to see how brands can seize this opportunity and be one step ahead of the competition?

Meet your clients where they are and give them the best possible experience

Nightlife venue and restaurant closures have limited the brand’s usual contact points with consumers. Hence, the challenge is to shift resources to where the customers are and be relevant.

A great example of adapting quickly to this challenge is the Schweppes POS solution produced by Propulzija.
With interest in relatable experiences increasing, Schweppes POS displays, located in Roda megamarket in Belgrade and Mercator in Belgrade and Novi Sad take an HoReCa vibe to the supermarkets.
The concept is based on clients’ interaction with the product in a way similar to a bar while inspiring them to take that feeling of enjoying their favorite cocktails home.
As one of the fundamental reasons for a brand’s success is giving customers what they need, when and where they need it – genuinely understanding and anticipating their needs is crucial.

Propulzija’s team of engineers, being aware that selecting materials is one of the factors in a POS display that most influences the customer experience, took on finding the best possible solutions while maintaining the costs and agility of production and implementation.
From wood to mirrors and led lights, each piece was carefully selected, which resulted in high customer satisfaction and engagement.

Schweppes POS Solution

In the words of Propulzija’s engineer Filip Miljojkovic, “New challenges help us create new solutions.”
“Even with facing significant issues, such as finding new materials we hadn’t used before and were really hard to find, or making the installation with over 500 different elements easy to disassemble, transport, and assemble, it was something we enjoyed working on as a team as once again it was a confirmation that with a great idea the possibilities in POS are endless”.

When everything is uncertain, anything is possible. Now is a great time to be forward-thinking and invest in innovations that will add value to your customers and, consequently, your brand.
May that be understanding better who your customers are and how their consumption and needs evolve or giving them the best possible experience wherever they are.

These will definitely keep your brand relevant for the years ahead, no matter the uncertainty.