Euro2020 football fever in POSm industry

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With the creative design, we evoke the football atmosphere in any retail facility.

This year, we have shown our innovation by working on some fascinating projects with official sponsors of UEFA Euro 2020, both in Serbia and abroad.

Designing shelves that reflect the football atmosphere and drawing customers’ attention to the products were our main goals when creating this year’s UEFA Euro 2020 solutions for our partners.

“There are projects that you simply enjoy working on. The creative process and designing the solution give you the freedom to be as original as possible with proposals. The ultimate goal was to attract as much customer attention and evoke the atmosphere of football matches in the FMCG industry retail facilities.” – Senior industrial designer Luka Mitrović

The design of the POSM solution included the creation of installations that include football elements, where the idea came from the soccer ball itself, the popular Ladybug.
This is how we created the Heineken ball, which we designed for our partner, Heineken Serbia.
This installation includes 20 illuminated advertising boxes with lighting on the shelves and thus attracts attention in the space from every side you approach it.

From the idea of being on the football field but also playing with one of the main elements of our client’s product – a giant can, came the design for an impressive four-pallet place for our partner, Coca-Cola Serbia.

The installation itself includes the shape of a large can with Coca-Cola products on one side, while on the other side, there is a led screen where consumers can see the latest Coca-Cola video content.

The setting contains several lightboxes and lighting on the shelves and other parts, contributing to the overall fantastic impression. Store visitors can go through the installation and feel the experience as if they were in the center of a football field while choosing their favorite Coca-Cola drink.

We have also been cooperating with partners from abroad to design and produce conceptual solutions for many years and our long-term client Coca-Cola Italy.

The very idea came from the question of turning the basic POSM solution into a football field with stands, LED screens where Coca-Cola commercials would play, and a screen where to follow the game results. So get ready, the game begins.

The soccer ball was not absent when creating and designing the solution for Coca-Cola Greece. The shape of the ball was used for a two-pallet installation with prominent products, where every visitor of the shop cannot bypass the famous Lady Bug.

Excellent cooperation with our clients is exhibited in the further adaptation of conceptual solutions and proposals, which we received from our partners and, in the end, produced an impressive shelf as it was initially imagined.

Do you think that a football field couldn’t stand on Coca-Cola bottles? This installation proves the opposite. Simulating a football field with illuminated mini spotlights, goals, and models of players is something that will not leave consumers indifferent at the point of sale.

One of the most important sports events of the year, which many have been looking forward to for five years, has finally started. Customers can find their favorite products in stores on interesting and attractive shelves, which evoke a football atmosphere.