30th December 2020.

A Year In Review: The Power Of Propulsion In 2020

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As the year closes to the end, we can just say, “What a ride it has been!” – from economic and political disruptions to a global health pandemic, it is a year of the new normal and a turning point for many of us. However, in the midst of everything going on, we still got to achieve some pretty amazing things over the past (almost) 366 days!

We think that now is a perfect time to remind ourselves and others that with creativity, hard work, and a fantastic team, anything is possible.
As we will use the momentum of propulsion to build our energy for the year to come, here are some moments we want to take with us to 2021.

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award

Starting the year with the acknowledgment of the work done in the previous one was such a boost. In February, a prestigious award Serbian Fast-growing Entrepreneur Of The Year was handed to our General Manager, Dejan Blagojević, by consulting company Ernst and Young.


“Entrepreneurship is a difficult journey. The price is often high. However, for people like us here – being an entrepreneur is the only path to self-realization and contribution.

Optimism, passion, vision, agility, commitment, the courage to take risks and change gathered with knowledge, skills, and teamwork – these are the indispensable parts of every successful entrepreneurial puzzle.” said Mr. Blagojević after receiving this prestigious award.

EuroShop Retail Trade Fair Düsseldorf

In March, we had the pleasure of presenting Propulzija’s most innovative products at the world’s largest trade fair. This remarkably organized event helped us share ideas and connect with the most reputable retail marketing audience. 

Here is the sneak peek of our performance on the fair and other moments seen through Propulzija’s lense:

Presenting Propulzija’s Hygiene Station

The pandemic is one of the most significant health and business challenges of the year.
Recognizing the importance of protecting people in indoor spaces and detecting all the possible issues that improper disinfection might bring, our designer
Aleksandra Stamenkovic has created an original hygiene station that solves hand and shoes sanitizing and adds to the space by modern and attractive minimalistic style. 

There were other challenges as well – making it user-friendly, convenient for transportation, and easily refilled. But after careful design and development today our Hygiene Stations are everything we wanted them to be and have a variety of models that respond to different needs.

Innovative Products

Excellence is what guides everything we do. In 2020 we have produced over 350 innovative POS solutions under Propulzija’s roof, which makes almost one POSm a day!
Here is a small selection of ideas that we are most proud of bringing to life:


We always say that “we don’t see pillars, we see opportunities.” In Roda Mega Market, we used our “opportunity” to convert a whole coffee section into a place of enjoyment and pleasurable moments for coffee lovers. Brands such as Nescafé that understand the advantage of having the entire production process from design to assembly in one place benefit from the experience and agility of a multifaceted team.

Dexy Co Pillars

Located in the biggest shopping mall in the region, BW Galerija Belgrade, these impressive pillars, designed and produced by Propulzija’s team, are nearly 4-meter high combination of powder-coated metal, foil, and enlightened acrylic extensions with built-in screens and mirror animations. The challenge was to design something creatively different, but on-brand for each pillar while using the same space. Check out the results in the video below.

Coca Cola Ski Cabins

Created for the world’s best ski resorts, Davos and Crans-Montana, these cabins are made of high-quality materials adapted to harsh weather conditions while maintaining elegance and strong branding. The freedom given by the brand to explore different design solutions leveraged with the great knowledge of materials resulted in exceptional results.

Coca Cola Ski Cabins

Carlsberg POS

Thinking outside of the box, our team has designed and produced this black powder-coated metal shelf for Carlsberg, combining wooden elements and naturally enlightened acryl, providing the spark effect without the usage of electricity.


Starbucks POS

This excellent POS solution was produced for Nestlé Adriatic. It gives a real Starbucks vibe and helps the product stand out with the elegant combination of natural wood, black coated metal, and discrete light.


We want to thank all of our clients and team members for making these moments possible. Propulsion will keep being our north star, and we can’t wait to show you all we got prepared for 2021!