EuroShop is a trade fair for capital goods for the retail industry which has taken place since 1966. Held every three years on the grounds of Messe Düsseldorf, it is looked to as the world’s leading trade fair for the retail sector. The initiator of the fair is the EHI Retail Institute.

EuroShop 2017, was held from 5 to 9 March in a new form. Whereas from 2002 to 2014 the fair’s overall offerings were divided into the four areas of EuroSales, EuroConcept, EuroCIS, and EuroExpo, EuroShop’s new format presents seven different dimensions of retail trade. There are 7 areas that were represented at the Fair.
1.) Point of presence (POP) or point of sale (POS) Marketing (signage, displays, outdoor communication)
2.) Expo & Event Marketing (stand construction and equipment, brand communication, communication design, event technology)
3.) Retail Technology (retail software, POS technology, mobile solutions, e-commerce, payment systems)
4.) Lighting (systems, design, technology)
5.) Visual Merchandising (display mannequins, store and window decorations)
6.) Shop Fitting & Store Design (fixtures and equipment, architecture, store planning, materials and surfaces)
7.) Food Tech & Energy management (refrigeration, building automation, cooking and baking solutions

We were representing our design and solutions in Point of presence (POP) or point of sale (POS) Marketing area as well in the Retail Technology area and i have to say tat we did great. Not only that we were very noticed by visitors, but other exhibitors were delighted with our offer also. From transparent touch screen monitors, holographs, infinity mirrors to remotely controled signage and our very ownd design solutions.

EuroShop has been a brilliant event. You will be impressed by the variety of innovations and inspirations for the retail industry that was shown in the busy halls during those five days. We got some great reactions from the visitors as well as the other exibitors, so we are very inspired to even boldy move on.